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HPF is a trusted re-seller of Hermès bags. Procuring the most rare and exclusive luxury goods for our discerning collectors. HPF holds an extensive inventory of the most desirable Hermès classis, however we also cater to those individuals searching for the more exclusive and elusive products. With an exceptional track record and an unrivaled network of direct contacts within the luxury bag arena. HPF has been able to offer outstanding customer satisfaction to our international client base. We are focused on delivering bags that represent the pinnacle of Luxury. This trust has allowed HPF to maintain its highly regarded reputation in delivering rare and authentic Hermès goods since 2007.


The mission of HPF’s devoted team is to offer a discrete bespoke service to our clients. Sourcing the most coveted Hermès collectables, our team takes care of every detail to ensure our high standards are maintained and the client’s unique requirements are always met.


HPF takes great care in authenticating every item that we source, sell and deliver securely to our customers. All our Hermès bags and accessories are 100% authentic and go through vigorous checks before any item is released; furthermore our bags are sourced from trusted contacts within the industry. HPF’s exacting standards have enabled us to maintain a loyal customer based.


HPF has over 15 years of experience sourcing the most uniquely exceptional selection of Hermès bags and accessories. If you are looking for something specific, even in the most rare colour do not hesitate to get in touch and our expert team will procure the must – have but impossible to find bag.